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Bringing a new dynamic to High Tech Startups and the key to their development funding needs; Investors.

tTREP is a Toronto, Canada based digital asset platform introducing a novel way of providing Investors and Entrepreneurs a hassle free way to accommodate their most pressing needs; Entrepreneurs provided with funding now and in the future, and Investors with a wide range of investment options in fully qualified high tech startups.

Why tTREP, which plans to launch a $100 million fund in the next quarter is poised to deliver digital asset securities to the fully regulated marketplace, and remove all illiquidity barriers to trading in high tech startup assets in selected global markets.


This means that companies such as tTREP will now receive the regulatory green light to raise millions of dollars by selling tokenized (digital asset) securities to the public.

The tokenization of illiquid securities will bring to investors the freedom to select startup assets from diverse fields such as alternative energy, IoT, micro electronics, blockchain, med tech, AI, and much more. It has the potential to democratize investment opportunities on a global basis and tTREP makes it simple by providing the investor with several choices;


  1. Invest in all the current startups presented in each segment (5 x $20 million total)

  2. Invest in any combination of three startups.

  3. Invest in only one startup of your choice.

The $100 million fund is segmented into five different divisions. This will accommodate specific spaces, and geographic locations for the wide ranging sources of high tech startups such as leading accelerators, government innovation agencies, and global direct pitches from individual entrepreneurs.Private assets in many early stage companies  have historically only been available to venture capitalists, private equity groups, and other high net worth individuals. These types of investments are inherently risky. However, the risk reward component in startup investments which tTREP offers to the Investors is of a very high caliber. We ensure this by continuously interacting with each startup, and release investment funds under a strict goal achievement business model.Making these types of private securities and assets available for the public to participate in is in place for some time. This was legal for startups to open up funding events to anyone, reducing the time and resources  needed to raise funds from venture capitalists and angel investors What it did not do is free up liquidity. Your money investment essentially remains illiquid for several years until an exit occurs.Enter tTREP’s digital securities Up until now the vast majority of crypto currencies have skirted around securities laws. They did not comply with regulations, and under existing law were not securities. An unacceptable risk of breaking the law existed and these so called ICO’s were not sustainable. Ownership in real world assets that fully conform to regulation requirements in each global jurisdiction is what tTREP is all about. We will deliver full protection to all our investors.

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Investment Partnering for profitable outcome.

At tTREP, we are driven by the need to assure the investment community is absolutely guaranteed to be protected at all times during their investment life span.All of the precautions required are built in to our platform, and this automatically delivers the best possible outcome.

Our Entrepreneurs and Startup community is presented with a no nonsense offer that initially accepts them into the system.(IT ONLY TAKES MINUTES). This is followed by the individual startup reaching some of the early milestones such as developing an MVP, solid customer feedback, and clear evidence of a scalable marketplace.

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